Cricket based Foods

Our story

Sander was rapidly convinced on all the advantages of insects when he heard the story about insects being the food of the future. Insects have many environmental benefits when compared to traditional farm animals and are consumed all over the world except in the west. After eating whole insects in the Netherlands and Thailand however he was not convinced he would be prepared to eat this way on a regular basis.

George is a passionate sportsmen and has a high need for protein with good nutritional value his body can take in. He was looking for premium quality environmentally friendly food products to replace the sources of protein he was eating

George and Sander have known each other for years and one day the two stories came together and they set out to create food products with insects. After experimenting with different recipes and different insects they created a burger with Crickets. Very rapidly this burger became a success. Crickets are the friendly chirping animals you hear on holiday in France and a burger is a great hit with everyone!

With the Cricket burger we want to lower the threshold for people to choose insects. With delicious and nutritious products we want to make insect part of our staple diet in Europe!