We use crickets!

But why?

Worldwide, there is a growing demand for meat. The vast majority of farmland, 70%, is used for the production of meat and we are simply running out of land. The way we produce our meat has a large impact on the environment. We have to come up with sustainable solutions to solve this issue.

We at Burgs Foods are strong believers that crickets can offer this solution. The breeding of crickets is very sustainable because crickets use much less water and land and can be fed with organic residual flows from horticulture. Furthermore, these animals have a high concentration of all nutrients the human body needs from animal sources. That’s why it’s a superfood with a small impact on the environment!


Crickets are real superfood. They contain all the vitamins and minerals a human needs from animal sources and they offer much more than the vegetal alternatives for common meat products that you can find in the supermarket. Crickets have a high protein content with all essential amino acids. Furthermore, crickets contain a lot of iron, calcium, vitamin B12 & omega 3 and 6 fat acids that are all in a composition that is perfect for the human body!


We speak of protein transition for a more sustainable foodsystem if there is a reduction of land and water use for the production of the same high quality protein. Crickets use much less land, food and water than is necessary for traditional stock breeding. The breeding of crickets uses up to 7 times less food, 1500 liter less water and 10 times less land than cows. Because crickets live close together naturally they can be bred easily in densely populated areas. Furthermore, we make sure that our remaining main ingredients are from the Netherlands so the total impact of our products on the environment are as low as possible.