De Missie

Met een sterk team en een heldere visie staan we paraat de perceptie op het eten van krekels en sprinkhanen in Nederland met een goede dosis joie de vivre om te gooien. 

We ontwikkelen nieuwe producten die binnen onze eetcultuur passen, future proof en voedingsrijk zijn. Missie? In 2030 eet elke Nederlander wekelijks vlees gemaakt van krekels en sprinkhanen!

Future Proof: Insecten Eten

Wereldwijd is er een zoektocht naar hoogwaardige en duurzame eiwitbronnen, die zonder ons milieu te belasten een groeiende bevolking kunnen voeden. Eetbare insecten, zoals krekels en sprinkhanen bieden hiervoor een perfecte oplossing.

Bij het kweken van deze dieren wordt maar heel weinig water, land en voer gebruikt. Hierdoor heeft het een lage impact op het milieu. Ook zitten ze van nature bomvol met vitamines en mineralen, zoals ijzer, calcium en vitamine B12. Alles wat we nodig hebben dus!

Sander Peltenburg

Sander love Crickets


Sander is co-founder of De Krekerij and Burgs Foods B.V. together with George. After a TEDx event where Arnold van het Huis talked about the benefits of eating insects, he was interested. If something has so many benefits, why don’t we eat it?


Speaker at an event 

However, the answer came quickly, and the rest is history. An entire Grasshopper processed like an old dirty piece of rope is not going to cause a revolution in the food industry. Since then, he has stood on soapboxes, podiums, stairs, and platforms over hundreds of times to draw attention about the story of De Krekerij. This is also possible for your event about insect of entrepreneurship!


Business and eating insects

Sander graduated from Delft University of Technology with a master’s degree in Construction, Management and Engineering. During his study he was already very interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. He obtained the Master Label from Climate-KIC and spent a year on the board of YES!Delft Students. Being close to entrepreneurship for a year made him released he wanted more. As one of the founders he helped set up Dutch Students for Entrepreneurship. He also did an internship at the Dutch Consulate in New York for six months and worked as a volunteer in various organizations.


Now Sander mainly focuses on the operation, sales, and vision of the Krekerij and is often an invited speaker about eating insects or entrepreneurship at events. A lot has happened over the years and many steps have been taken with products from Crickets and Grasshoppers. Insect Burgers, Insect Meatballs, Pulled Grasshopper, and several other fantastically tasty items. The goal of De Krekerij is that by 2030 everyone in Europe will eat crickets or grasshoppers at least once a week!


Do you work on our mission? Contact us! 

Jasmijn De Vries

Jasmijn eats everything if it tastes good

Within our driven, young team, Jasmijn continues the mission to make crickets and grasshoppers part of the Dutch menu as a Cricket Propagator & Quality expert. Her background as a nutrition and quality expert is valuable in the lead sales position, and in quality consultancy work for breeders of crickets and grasshoppers for human consumption.


With a master’s degree in Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology, a love for food and its impact on the human body, she noticed the high micro- and macronutrient contents of insects. When terms such as ‘culinary novelty’ came up, and she found out that these nutrient bombs can also be grown sustainably, she was intrigued: We should be able to do something with this! At a party, she heard about De Krekerij, where crickets and grasshoppers are completely processed into accessible meat products. After a bite of Krekelburger and a nice conversation with Kreketeur and Krekelkoning, it turned out to be something to fight for.