Leading the insect-based food evolution

Sander Peltenburg1


Globally we see a trend towards new and sustainable protein sources that can feed a growing population without putting too big of a burden on the environment. At Burgs Foods we have found insects to be a perfect sustainable and healthy protein source and some species taste great!

Burgs Foods specializes in making food products for human consumption from insects. We process insects in a variety of different ways in private label and for our own brands. From dried whole insects to processed with high functionality to finished product. Would you like to know more about the possibilities or are you interested in breeding or processing insects? Then get in touch!

But why use Crickets?

There is a growing demand for meat worldwide. However, most of the agricultural land, 70%, is already used for meat production and we simply do not have much more land available. The way we now produce meat has a major impact on our environment. So we have to look for sustainable solutions to feed us.

We at Burgs Foods strongly believe that crickets can offer this solution. The breeding of crickets is very sustainable because crickets use much less water and land and are fed with organic residual flows from horticulture. In addition, these animals naturally have all the nutrients that the human body needs from animal sources in high concentration. It is therefore a superfood that has only a small impact on the environment!



Worldwide we are looking for new and sustainable protein sources that can feed a growing population without putting too much strain on the environment. At Burgs Foods we have discovered that crickets are the perfect sustainable and healthy protein source and they also taste great! In Europe we are not used to eating whole insects. Our team at Burgs Foods therefore focuses on processing the crickets into tasty food products that can be used for lunch and dinner that fit into our western diet. In this way we make this future protein source available for everyone and we work towards a sustainable food chain.


Crickets are a real superfood, they naturally contain all the good vitamins and minerals that a person needs from animal sources and offer much more than plant-based alternatives to meat currently on the market. Crickets have a high protein content with all essential amino acids. In addition, crickets contain a lot of iron, calcium, vitamin B12 and omega 3 and 6 and fatty acids in such a composition that make your body absorb it perfectly!


The Krekerij has introduced the cricket burger on the menu in the Dutch catering industry! Since 2018, we have been part of the food service chain in the Netherlands with various products. Nowadays, the cricket burger and the krekancini can already be ordered in more than 25 restaurants. Are you looking for a new experience for your guests, culinary inspiration for your team or are you interested in a try-out package? Click on the logo below and contact the Krekerij! See you soon!

Tijdens de Future Goods Week van Lidl Nederland voegen we met de Little Hoppers een nieuwe smaak toe aan het huidige assortiment van de Lidl! Deze nieuwe snack is door de ontwikkeling van Little Hoppers verkrijgbaar in heel het land. Klik op het logo hieronder en neem contact op voor de mogelijkheden voor een vergelijkbaar of eenzelfde project. Voor meer informatie, klik op het logo hieronder. Hop on!

The Dutch Grasshopper, the real winner! Not only new, but also tasty. We have teamed up with JoyBugs, a former dairy farmer and now pioneer in the expertise of grasshopper breeding. With the two-year project "The Dutch Grasshopper - is a real winner", we are working together to improve the taste of grasshoppers, which starts with the feed and the breeding conditions! Want to learn more about this local farm-to-fork story? Click on the logo below!


Would you like to work with Burgs Foods? We are working in various areas and we are always open to new possibilities! Read more about what we do in the field of processing and consultancy below: 

  • Verwerken van insecten tot basisproducten (white label)
  • Processing into end products
  • Consultancy voor kwekers wat betreft voedselveiligheid¬†


Krekel Saucijcenbroodje
Cricketsausage rolls - In collaboration with Little Hoppers

In our production facility we process raw insects into various intermediate products. With the help of advanced techniques, our 10,000 hours of experience, and the acquired knowledge of collaborations with Wageningen University and the industry, we are at the forefront of developments in this emerging industry.

We use this knowledge to process insects into powders, texture elements and flavour components that are suitable as an ingredient for further application into a final product.

Our processes are optimized for:

  • Constant, validated quality and food safety
  • An optimal taste sensation from the insect
  • Pleasant mouthfeel

These qualitative insect intermediates are widely applicable in dishes and end products, with their own twist.


High-quality insect products, good for you and good for the world around you.

Using insects as a base, we make a range of high quality products tailored to your specific needs. Using our advanced techniques and experience, we make meat products, bars, snacks and little bites based on these small animals.

Our processes are optimized with regard to the following points:

  • Constant, validated quality and food safety
  • Optimal taste sensation
  • Good texture and nice mouthfeel

With our insect-based final products, you will meet the demand within your network and you can serve and taste the food of the future!

Hopper Burger2
Hopper Burger voor De Krekerij

INSECTEN KWEKEN VOOR HUMANE CONSUMPTIE - voedselveilig & constante kwaliteit

The insect sector (insector) emerges and grows like never before! Farmers are positive about the potential of these animals as a protein source of the future and more and more farmers are breeding insects specifically for human consumption.

This new protein source also brings new risks with regard to food safety, which is different from traditional livestock farming. In addition, one insect is not the other - many factors regarding insect breeding have an effect on the taste and quality of the end product. These factors are essential to make a smooth transition from cultivation to the consumer, and thus implement insects as future-proof meat.

The need for food-safe and high-quality products grows with these developments. The cultivation of insects and the regulations for insect farmers have changed in the past year. The NVWA has drawn up a clear set of requirements for insect breeders. Also larger parties, such as supermarkets, have higher requirements with regard to food safety and traceability.

Motivated to build a strong reliable sector, we see food-safe cultivation as a crucial foundation. We are happy to join forces for this!

Together we build quality systems on the spearheads:
- Healthy and safe insects of consistent quality
- Scalable system with optimal growth and minimal mortality
- The opportunity to meet all your requirements in the field of food quality and safety